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“Unfortunately if a Nuclear war takes place all species on the earth shall perish and it will take millions of years for a new civilization to come into existence”

New Concept of
The World Government
    to Save the earth from Catastrophe of a Nuclear War A Powerful, Sovereign, Democratic, Welfare Oriented and Progressive World Govt. is need of the hour.

World Government Concept B.P. Soni Chancellor AKS University, Satna

B.P. Soni
AKS University, Satna

!Before the war (Present Situation)
Today, the earth is surrounded with thousand tons of Chemical weapons, Bio-chemical weapons, Hydrogen Bomb & more than 20 thousands atomic bomb etc. The scientists have invented & searched dangerous weapons which are available for destruction in all developed countries. The race of sophisticated weapons have been there among the big countries, most of the countries which possess advanced weapons, threat each other and give ultimatum quite often, if a nuclear bomb is used by any of these countries, then within five minutes, it will cause fire & explosion everywhere on the earth. No human race will survive in the event of such unmindful conflict of war. No one will survive to see such incident. No one can think or imagine the aftermath of the war. Time is ripe, intellectuals should think over it. There is only one solution ‘World Government.’ 
After the War
(1) In ‘Dwaper Yuga’ the great war was fought between Kauravas and Pandavas. No compromise formula could materialize before the war. Both Kauravas & Pandavas could see the possibility of winning the war. In India, all Rajas, Maharajas were in one or other side in the battle field.
The war continued for 18 days. During this war brothers, sons, uncles, teachers and grandpa were also killed. After this great war, Yudhishithara and Arjuna were wandering lonely in the battle field and were crying for the killed people. They were thinking that they could not realize the purpose of the war as all their near and dear had already died.
(2) In Kalinga, Samrat Ashoka fought Kalinga war for victory, where soldiers of Kalinga were defeated in the war. After the war, Ashoka went to the war zone and found that everywhere dead bodies were lying. It disheartened Ashoka and he became very nervous after the war, where lakhs of soldiers were killed. Subsequently, Ashoka repented of this mass casualty. His heart changed and he adopted Baudha Philosophy for spreading peace in the world, he himself devoted rest of his life to promote Baudha Dharma.
(3) During 1942-45, Second world war was fought, in which lakhs of soldiers were died. The war ended up with the dropping of Hydrogen Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan. For the first
time the innocent people, who were not directly involved in the war, were killed. The people of that area never imagined that they would be suffering on account of this war for several years in future. The powerful country like Great Britain never thought that they would become weak due to this war.
An outline of the Thought
The world is pretty huge. Thousands of years ago people used to travel either on foot or take help of animals like Horse, Elephant to drive carts. There used to be many small and big kingdoms whose
rulers were keen on expanding their wealth and prosperity by fighting among themselves. In such wars only those who were killed directly took part in the battles.
In present times, science and technology has made phenomenal progress with the result that the world has become small. Now a days, it takes very little time to reach any corner of the world.
In present time the world is confronted with two contradictory situations. On one hand scientific innovations are proving to be a boon to mankind and on the other hand its menace is a cause of concern. Natural disasters, hunger, terrorism and the loom of a nuclear war is making life miserable for mankind.
In every society and human civilization, we find the presence of natural instincts like desire, anger, love, hate, proudness etc.
Right from olden times, people obsessed with false pride have been fighting with one another. Even today, we find these natural traits. With the advancement of science, weapons like atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, chemical weapons are available which has made mankind more powerful.
Natural instinct like anger coupled with the availability of weapons of mass destruction have made it possible for nations to destroy each other or even the complete world.
In this modern world, there are quite a few people who wish to eliminate the horrors of war and make mother earth a heaven. If we can communicate with anyone in any nook and corner of the world within seconds why not we think on a new world order of no wars between nations. Why cannot we think on a proposal of World Government representing each nation of the world. All the nations would settle issues on mutual cooperation. Take the case of Europe where nations used to fight amongst themselves before 1945 but are now running peacefully by mutual cooperation. There are no wars and nations are prospering with increased trade amongst themselves. With this background, let us discuss
the modalities of a new concept called World Government.
Summary of the Objectives
1. To save the world from the hazardous outcome of a nuclear war
2. To develop all nations of the world
3. To ensure that each individual in the world gets the benefit of modern science and technology
4. To protect the environment worldwide
5. Utilize all-natural resources of the world rationally for the welfare of mankind
6. Complete cessation on the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction
7. Create an atmosphere of peace and prosperity worldwide
The world has to be treated as one family with Universal friendship. To achieve this objective there has to be a very high level of thinking and imagination, extra-ordinary sacrifice etc. At the outset the perils of a nuclear war has to be understood in detail and then the ways and means to come out of it
has to be deliberated in a comprehensive manner. The world has around 198 nations. President, Prime Minister, prominent thinkers and even prominent opposition leaders from each nation should be invited to understand their views. It is expected that on an average 20 or 25 leaders from each nation which works out to be approximately 5000 people can accumulate in a single location and deliberate for 3 days. After taking their views a initial proposal can be passed.
Discussion on the Boundary / Area of Work
To achieve the objective of the proposal, it will be mandatory for the world government to ensure the area of jurisdiction.
The World Government will include all the small and big nations of the world with no country
left out. It would be the responsibility of the world government to ensure that the existing geographical
boundaries of the countries never changes.ProposedThere will be one great parliament for the full world. There will be one parliament member for every 20 lack of people. The world population is approximately 600 crores and therefore there should be approximately 3000 parliamentarians representing the full world. The selection will be based on parliamentary election. These parliamentarians will form the World Government.
Political Parties
There are three major political ideologies in the world
1. Capitalist ideology
2. Communist ideology
3. Socialistic ideology based on the three ideologies, three political parties may be constituted. Depending on their
ideologies, the world leaders may become a member of any of them.

The parties can be named as follows-

1. Economic development party
2. Communist party
3. Socialist party

These parties may elect their representatives for the world parliament. The election should be similar to the existing parliamentary procedure. The party which gets the maximum votes will be eligible to form the Govt. and the leader of that party is entitled to form his ministry.

The criterion will be that any member from a parliamentary constituency should be a bonafide resident of that constituency. The political parties in each nation will select its members and participate in the world parliamentary elections.


Two Houses of the World Parliament


1. Lower House – One house will represent parliamentarians elected by the people.
2. Upper House – A higher world house where each nation’s Chief executive (President/Prime
Minister) will be a member. The number would be approximately 198.

The party with a maximum number of elected candidates should be invited to form the World Government. It is not recommended to form the Government with just 50% majority as such a situation leads to fench crossing and breeds corruption. The party with maximum number of candidates and the biggest party may be allowed to constitute the world Government.
The tenure of the parliament may be fixed for 10 years. Any nation of the world shall not be empowered with ‘VETO POWER’.

World President


The world president may work as the world Chairman. His selection may be made by members of the world parliament and the Presidents / National heads of all countries in the world parliament. If this person gets majority, then he or she will be designated as the World President.

Selection Criteria of the World President


1. The designated person should be from a country with minimum 10 crores population and must have served in the interest of a national head (President or Prime Minister) for at least a period of five years.
2. The world president should be in the age range of 45 to 70 years.
3. The world president should not be suffering from any ailment which may prohibit him from completing his term.

The Tenure of World President

The tenure may be fixed for 10 years so that the President can implement all policies,
programmes etc. initiated during his tenure. This will reduce the hastle of frequent elections which
could be quite cumbersome.

The Rights of the World President


1. The World President will perform his duties with the consent of the Prime Minister of world parliament.
2. The World President’s office will be situated in a big country, in a place which is easily accessible and well equipped with all the modern facilities.
3. The world president will be the highest-ranked official of the world.
4. The world president will be the chief of all armies of the world. This means that all the defence forces of each country will be under the control of World President.
5. All the ordinance factories in the world will be under the control of World President.
6. All inventories of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, chemical weapons and biological weapons will be under the control of world president.
7. All nationalities will be under the world president and they will be called World Citizens.
8. The world president will have the full power to secure all nationalities from terrorism, communalism and again establish a new civilization of trust, brotherhood and peace in the world.
9. Existing international agencies (United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Court of Justice etc.) will be under the full control of World President.

The Duties of the World President

1. With the guidance of the world parliament the world president is expected to develop each and every nation of the world.
2. Ensure proper distribution of food to the hungry nations. Food may by purchased from nations having surplus and distributed to the starving nations.
3. Countries who specialize in the production of specific items must be encouraged to increase the production so that all nations may get benefitted.
4. Work for restoration of peace across the planet and promote brotherhood among all world citizens.
5. To encourage humanity (A Global Family Concept).
6. Enhance the means of travel and integrate them with whole world.
7. Collect rainwater and supply it to rainfall deficit area.
8. Work for rational utilization of environmental resource among all nations.
9. Enhance the medical facilities of all nations and also make it available to the nations deprived of it.
10. Promote basic and technical education. The Prime Minister and his ministerial team of the world Government will cooperate to implement the rights and duties of the world president.

The Removal of the World President

If the elected members of the world parliament feel that the world president is functioning in a autocratic manner then 1/3 parliament members can bring in a no confidences motion and if 2/3 members ratify the motion then the motion will be considered as passed. Also, if majority of nation heads agree then the World President will have to resign.

The Removal of World Prime Minister

1/3 members of the ruling party will give notice to the world president who will assess whether the Prime Minister enjoys the support of majority of the party parliamentarians. If the president is convinced that the Prime Minister has lost his / her following then Prime Minister will be asked to resign and election will be held to select a new Prime Minister.

Sources of Funding for the World Government

1. In modern times most of the nations of the world spend 10 to 20% of their budget on defence. It is proposed that they pay 50% of this expenditure to the world government and use the remaining for the welfare of their individual countries.
2. Transportation through the sea route will be taxable by the World Government.
3. Other taxes can be fixed on the decision of members of the world parliament.

The Advantages of World Government

1. The possibility of war anywhere in the world will be eliminated.
2. The world environment will be secured and safe.
3. All nations of the world will be developed.
4. All countries of the world will have their national boundaries intact and safe.
5. Any world citizen will have the right to stay or buy property in any other country other
than their own country. Rules have to be framed by the world parliament.
6. Discrimination between nations will end and all nations will have equal rights.
7. Exploitation of poor countries will end in a conclusive manner.
8. There will be rapid development in the world.


There should not be any disadvantage of having a world Government.
World Government: Concerns and Their Solutions

Why the World Government is Needed :

At Present, there is a reservoir of approximately 20 thousand nuclear and hydrogen bombs in addition to millions of chemical and biological weapons in the world. Superpowers are in the fierce race of moving forward. The country which is less powerful is trying to be more powerful and in the same way, superpower wants to acquire more power. Developing countries are increasing their storage of weapons. In order to gain supremacy over ocean and sky, they are manufacturing and purchasing ships, submarines and fighter planes. They spent a large part of their budget in the name of border security.
This race is not going to stop. The rich and developed countries are escalating the production of dangerous weapons and the poor countries are purchasing them in the name of security.
Terrorism and sectarianism are on the fast rise. All are obsessed with ego. Several nations are putting efforts to increase their dominance in the world. The situation can explode at any time. In case of a war, the atomic bomb-based missiles will be activated. The invasion will become bigger in the name of winning the war. After nuclear war nobody will be alive to narrate about the war and to listen.
Now we can imagine about the catastrophe of the war. We have witnessed the mass destruction caused by the nuclear bombs hurled on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. Imagine the holocaust of war. On starting the war automatic missiles will fling nuclear bombs and it will appear as if thousands of suns have descended on the earth. There will be deep depressions with heavy thunder in the earth. All the species of this world will be annihilated within a minute. The whole atmosphere will be filled up with poisonous gases and dust particles. The earth will be involved with darkness and sun’s rays will not penetrate to the earth for months together. Due to inaccessibility of sun’s rays, the earth will be covered up with the thick layer of ice. After several years the smoke will be cleared, then the snow will melt. There will be a deserted environment on the earth. After several years small creatures will be born again. Man will be born again or not can not be said. If a man is born no one can guess about his form. It might take millions of years to restore the present civilization.

Are we ready to witness this devastation? Think seriously, who will be responsible for this catastrophe. This world has been created by Almighty, whether call him Ishwar, Allah or God. We must save it. Man is more knowledgeable today and he possesses several means of transportation, so why not imagine the “World Government” to save this world from destruction. World Government is needed to save the world.
Which system will be adopted in the formation of the World Government?
Since the inception of this universe, the Government has been functioning by adopting the four systems:
1. Monarchy
2. Plutocracy
3. Autocracy
4. Democracy
Many countries in the world still have monarchy. Some countries have autocratic system of government. But as soon as awareness comes into public, the democratic system of government comes into existence. Democracy is considered as the best system of governance.

There are two types of democratic governance system :

1. Presidential system of governance.
2. Parliamentary system of governance.
Parliamentary system of governance is the best system. Therefore, it will be appropriate to adopt this system for the formation of World Government.

Execution Plan of World-Government

As we all know that the world tension is increasing day by day and destruction is hampering the development process. An atmosphere of severe conflicts among the countries may lead to third world war is quite imminent now and to save the human kind vigorous effort is needed. The following issues are pertinent and necessary steps are required to be taken by all.

1. Why do we need a world Government? If, unfortunately world war happens, within five minutes or so the entire human race and animals, birds will vanish from the earth. And again after the elapse of several thousand years, what kind of species and human will apear, no one can predict about it. Therefore, to save the world from destruction of war, we need a powerful, sovereign, democratic, welfare oriented and progressive world Government immediately.

2. Is it possible to establish a World Government? At present, there are only two situations in the World scenario.
Total destruction from nuclear war or To prevent the total war situation & to make all round development of the world Every intellectual should think which situation is better in present scenario. Will the intellectuals
like total destruction? probably not, Every peace loving person would like the second option and to avoid the first one, as the second situation shall be most acceptable and it would be a right approach toform ‘The World Government’. It is the need of the hour.

3. How is it possible?
This thought has been originated in India and when our Most Honourable popular Prime Minister gives his consent. The following steps are important to be taken.

A. Firstly, world Government department can be formed under the central Government.
B. In the second steps, a Cabinet Minister can be appointed to look after this new department and his post may be equivalent to Foreign Minister.
C. To explore the idea of World Government & for its publicity, News Channel, Radio,Television, Newspaper network are to be utilized and to seek help of the intellectuals is called for.
D. The conference of Presidents & Prime Ministers of the leading countries of the world like America, Russia, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, India, Israel, South Africa,Brazil, Canada etc. would be called in any one of the above countries. Advantages & Disadvantages should be discussed at length and mutual understanding can be evolved in the interest of mankind.
E. If, proper understanding about the formation of the World Government is developed, meeting of all the countries of the world should be held. In the follow-up action in which all the Head of State, Prime Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Leading Journalists, top intellectuals should also be invited for concrete discussion. In such important summit, all dignitaries can discuss various ways & means to implement the great ideas of formation of the World Government, its merits & demerits and a broader consensus may arrive upon such great idea for peace in the world.
F. After the consent of all and with general consensus, an acting President should be appointed for further action.
4. Acting President-
The acting President is supposed to get approval of Parliament & Executive Heads of all the countries for merger of respective states into the World Government. In the merger, respective country shall be declared as the part of the World Government
5. After the merger resolution, it should be passed by a newly formed/ constituent Assembly of World Government.
6. The newly constituted Assembly which would be Powerful, Sovereign, Democratic, Welfare & Progressive World Government idea shall formulate ‘World Constitution
7. The World Constitution Shall be passed by all Parliaments, Presidents & Head of State in their respective Countries.
8. The World Government will function according to ‘World Agenda for Governance’ formed unanimously and government of any Political Party, President or Prime Minister would be required to follow the World Agenda. Any changes/amendement will only be made possible with the unanimous consent of the World Parliament.
9. The democratic government should be based on Parliamentary form of government based on
two houses concept :
(1) Lower House, which would have elected representatives directly elected from Public
(2) Upper House, in which all the Head of the State would be its members.
10. The Acting President shall constitute Election Commission which will take help of all Election Commission of respective Countries for electing the members for the lower house of the World Government.
11. Preferably there should be three parties on the basis of ideologies prevalent in the world.
12. The follow-up action should be taken according to the new constitution of the World Government.

The world is very big. Thousands of years ago people use to travel either on foot or take help of animals like Horse, Elephant to drive carts. There used to be many small and big kingdoms whose rulers were keen on expanding their wealth and prosperity by fighting among themselves. In such wars only those got killed who directly took part in the battles. Natural instinct like anger coupled with the availability of weapons of mass destruction have made it possible for nations to destroy each other or even the complete world. If we can communicate with anyone in any nook and corner of the world within seconds why not we think on a new world order of No Wars between Nations.