!! उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् !!


Hirosima and Nagasaki Parmanu Hamla

Before the war (Present Situation)

Today, the earth is surrounded with thousand tons of Chemical weapons, Biochemical weapons, Hydrogen Bomb & more than 20 thousands atomic bomb etc. The scientists have invented & searched dangerous weapons which are available for destruction in all developed countries. The race of sophisticated weapons have been there among the big countries, most of the countries which possess advanced weapons, threat each other and give ultimatum quite often, if a nuclear bomb is used by any of these countries, then within five minutes, it will cause fire & explosion everywhere on the earth. No human race will survive in the event of such unmindful conflict of war. No one will survive to see such incident. No one can think or imagine the aftermath of the war. Time is ripe, intellectuals should think over it. There is only one solution ‘World Government.’

After the War

  •  In ‘Dwaper Yuga’ the great war was fought between Kauravas and Pandavas. No compromise formula could materialize before the war. Both Kauravas & Pandavas could see the possibility of winning the war. In India, all Rajas, Maharajas were in one or other side in the battle field. The war continued for 18 days. During this war brothers, sons, uncles, teachers and grandpa were also killed.
    After this great war, Yudhishithara and Arjuna were wandering lonely in the battle field and were crying for the killed people. They were thinking that they could not realize the purpose of the war as all their near and dear had already died.
  • In Kalinga, Samrat Ashoka fought Kalinga war for victory, where soldiers of Kalinga were defeated in the war. After the war, Ashoka went to the war zone and found that every where dead bodies were lying. It disheartened Ashoka and he became very nervous after the war, where lakhs of soldiers were killed. Subsequently Ashoka repented of this mass casualty. His heart changed and he adopted Baudha Philosophy for spreading peace in the world, he himself devoted rest of his life to promote Baudha Dharma.
  • During 1942-45, Second world war was fought, in which lakhs of soldiers were died. The war ended up with the dropping of Hydrogen Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan. For the first time the innocent people, who were not directly involved in the war, were killed. The people of that area never imagined that they would be suffering on account of this war for several years in future.
    The powerful country like Great Britain never thought that they would become weak due to this war.