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Execution Plan of World Govt.

As we all know that the world tension is increasing day by day and destruction is hampering the development process. An atmosphere of severe conflicts among the countries may lead to third world war is quite imminent now and to save the human kind vigorous effort is needed. The following issues are pertinent and necessary steps are required to be taken by all.

  1. Why do we need a world Government?

If, unfortunately world war happens, within five minutes or so the entire human race and animals, birds will vanish from the earth. And again after the elapse of several thousand years, what kind of species and human will apear, no one can predict about it. Therefore, to save the world from destruction of war, we need a powerful, sovereign, democratic, welfare oriented and progressive world Government immediately.

2. Is it possible to establish a World Government?

At present, there are only two situations in the World scenario. Total destruction from nuclear war or To prevent the total war situation & to make all round development of the world Every intellectual should think which situation is better in present scenario. Will the intellectuals like total destruction? probably not, Every peace loving person would like the second option and to avoid the first one, as the second situation shall be most acceptable and it would be a right approach to-form ‘The World Government’. It is the need of the hour.

3. How is it possible?

This thought has been originated in India and when our Most Honourable popular Prime Minister gives his consent. The following steps are important to be taken.

  • Firstly, world Government department can be formed under the central Government.
  • In the second steps, a Cabinet Minister can be appointed to look after this new department and his post may be equivalent to Foreign Minister.
  • To explore the idea of World Government & for its publicity, News Channel, Radio, Television, Newspaper network are to be utilized and to seek help of the intellectuals is called for.
  • The conference of Presidents & Prime Ministers of the leading countries of the world like America, Russia, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, India, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Canada etc. would be called in any one of the above countries. Advantages & Disadvantages should be discussed at length and mutual understanding can be evolved in the interest of mankind.
  • If, proper understanding about the formation of the World Government is developed, meeting of all the countries of the world should be held. In the follow up action in which all the Head of State, Prime Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Leading Journalists, top intellectuals should also be invited for concrete discussion. In such important summit, all dignitaries can discuss various ways & means to implement the great ideas of formation of the World Government, its merits & demerits and a broader consensus may arrive upon such great idea for peace in the world.
  • After the consent of all and with general consensus, an acting President should be appointed for further action.

4. Acting President

The acting President is supposed to get approval of Parliament & Executive Heads of all the countries for merger of respective states into the World Government. In the merger, respective country shall be declared as the part of the World Government

5. After the merger resolution, it should be passed by a newly formed/ constituent Assembly of World Government

6. The newly constituted Assembly which would be Powerful, Sovereign, Democratic, Welfare & Progressive World Government idea shall formulate ‘World Constitution’

7. The World Constitution Shall be passed by all Parliaments, Presidents & Head of State in their respective Countries.

8. The World Government will function according to ‘World Agenda for Governance’ formed unanimously and government of any Political Party, President or Prime Minister would be required to follow the World Agenda. Any changes/amendement will only be made possible with the unanimous consent of the World Parliament.

9. The democratic government should be based on Parliamentary form of government based on two houses concept : (1) Lower House, which would have elected representatives directly elected from Public (2) Upper House, in which all the Head of the State would be its members.

10. The Acting President shall constitute Election Commission which will take help of all Election Commission of respective Countries for electing the members for lower house of the World Government. 

11. Preferably there should be three parties on the basis of ideologies prevalent in the world. 

12. The follow up action should be taken according to the new constitution of the World Government.