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Need and Objective

World Government : Concerns and Their Solutions

  1. Why the World Government is Needed :

At Present there is a reservoir of approximately 20 thousand nuclear and hydrogen bombs in addition to millions of chemical and biological weapons in the world. Superpowers are in the fierce race of moving forward. The country which is less powerful is trying to be more powerful and in the same way superpower wants to acquire more power. Developing countries are increasing their storage of weapons. In order to gain supremacy over ocean and sky, they are manufacturing and purchasing ships, submarines and fighter planes. They spent a large part of their budget in the name of border security. This face is not going to stop. The rich and developed countries are escalating the production of dangerous weapons and the poor countries are purchasing them in the name of security.

Terrorism and sectarianism are on the fast rise. All are obsessed with ego. Some influential countries are looking to increase their dominance in the world. The situation can explode at any time. In the event of spark,  the atomic bomb-based missiles will be activated. The invasion will become bigger in the name of winning the war. After nuclear war nobody will be alive to narrate about the war and to listen.

Now we can imagine about the catastrophe of the war. We have witnessed the mass destruction caused by the nuclear bombs hurled on Hirosima and Nagasaki of Japan. Imagine the holocaust of war. On starting the war automatic missiles will fling nuclear bombs and it will appear as if thousands of suns have descended on the earth. There will be deep depressions with heavy thunder in the earth. All the species of this world will be annihilated within a minute. The whole atmosphere will be filled up with poisonous gases and dust particles. The earth will be involved with darkness and sun’s rays will not penetrate to the earth for months together. Due to inaccessibility of sun’s rays will be covered up with the thick layer of ice. After several years the smoke will be cleared, then the snow will melt. There will be a deserted environment on the earth. After several years small creatures will be born again. Man will be born again or not can not be said. If man is born nothing can be guess about his farm. It might take millions of years to restore the present civilization.

Are we ready to witness this devastation?  Think seriously, who will be responsible for this catastrophe. This world has been created by Almighty, whether call him Ishwar, Allah or God. We must save it. Man is more knowledgeable today and he possesses several means of transportation, so why not imagine the “World Government” to save this world from destruction. World Government is needed to save the world.

2 .Which system will be adopted in the formation of the World Government?

Since the inception of this universe, the Government  has been run by four systems:

  1. Monarely
  2. Plutocracy
  3. Autocracy
  4. Democracy

Many countries in the world still have monarclay. Some countries have autocratic system of government. But as soon as awareness come into public, the democratic system of government came into vogue. Democracy is considered as the best system of governance.

There are two types of democratic governance system :

  1. Presidential system of governance.
  2. Parliamentary system of governance.

Parliamentary system of governance is the best system. Therefore it will be appropriate to adopt this system for the formation of World Government.