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Formation of World Govt.


The world has to treated a one family with Universal friendship. To achieve this there has to a very high level of thinking, high level of imagination, extraordinary sacrifice etc. At the outset, the perils of a nuclear war has to be understood in detail and then the ways and means to come out of it has to be deliberated in a comprehensive manner.

The world has around 200 nations. President, Prime Minister, prominent thinkers and even prominent opposition leaders from each nation should be invited to understand their views. It is expected that on an average 20 or 25 leaders from each nation which works out to be approximately 5000 people can accumulate in a single location and deliberate for 3 days. After taking their views a initial proposal can be passed.

Discussion on the boundary/area of work to achieve the objective of the proposal it will be mandatory. The World Government. area of jurisdiction will include all small and big nations of the world with no country left out.


There will be one great parliament for the whole world. There will be one parliament member for every 20 lack of people. The world population is approximately 7.6 Billion (760 crores) and therefore there should be approximately 3800 parliamentarians representing the full world. The selection will be based on parliamentary election. These parliamentarians will form the World Government.

Political Parties

There are three major political ideologies in the world. 

  • Economic Development Party
  • Communist Party
  • Socialistic Party

Based on the three ideologies, three political parties may be constituted. Depending on their ideologies the world leaders may become a member of any of them. The Parties can be named as follows :

  • Capitalist Ideology
  • Communist Ideology
  • Socialistic Ideology

These parties may elect their representatives for the world parliament. The election should be similar to the existing parliamentary procedure. The party which gets the maximum votes is eligible to from the Govt. and the leader of that party is entitled      to from his ministry.

The criterion will be that any member from a parliamentary constituency should be a bonafide resident of that constituency.

Two Houses of the World Parliament

  1. Lower House : One house will represent parliamentarians elected by the people.
  2. Upper House : A Higher World House where each nations President will be member. The number would be approximately 200. The party with maximum number of elected candidates should be invited to form the World Government. It is not recommended to form the Government with just 50% majority as such a situation leads to fench crossing and breeds corruption. The party with maximum number of candidates and the biggest party may be allowed to constitute the world Government. The tenure of the parliament may be fixed for 10 years.