World President

World President

The world president may work as the world Chairman. His selection may be made by members of the world parliament and the Presidents / National heads of all countries in the world parliament. If this person gets majority then he or she will be designated as the World President.

Selection criteria of the World President

  1. The designated person should be from a country with minimum 10 crores population and must have served in the role of a national head (President or Prime Minister) for at least a period of five years.
  2. The world president should be in the age range of 45 to 70 years.
  3. The world president should not be suffering for any ailment which may prohibit him from completing his term.

The Tenure of World President

The tenure may be fixed for 10 years so that the President can complete all policies, programmes etc. initiated during his tenure. This will reduce the hastle of frequent elections which could be quite cumbersome.

The Rights of the World President

  1. The person will perform his duties with the consent of the Prime Minister of world parliament.
  2. The person’s office will be situated in a big country in a place which is easily accessible and with all modern facilities.
  3. The world president will be the highest ranked official of the world.
  4. The world president will be the chief of all armies of the world. This means that all the defense forces of each country will be under the control of World President.
  5. All the ordinance factories in the world will be under the control of World President.
  6. All inventories of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, chemical weapons and biological weapons will be under the control of world president.
  7. All natural resources of the world including the seas, oceans, mountains etc. will be under the control of world president.
  8. To maintain peaceful atmosphere the world president will have powers to after national boundaries.
  9. All nationalities will be under the world president and they will be called World Citizens.
  10. The world president will have full power to secure all nationalities from terrorism, communalism and again establish a new civilization of trust, brotherhood and peace in the world.

The Duties of the World President

  1. With the guidance of the world parliament the world president is expected to develop each and every nation of the world.
  2. Ensure proper distribution of food to the hungry nations. Food may by purchased from nations having surplus and distributed to the starving nations.
  3. Countries who specialize in the production of specific items must be encouraged

to produce more so that all nations can benefit.

  1. d) Work for restoration of peace in the whole planet and promote brotherhood among all world citizens.
  2. e) Promote well being of humankind by removing all misconceptions using the scientific method.
  3. f) Enhance the means of travel and integrate then in them whole world.
  4. g) Collect rain water and supply them the water to rainfall deficit area.
  5. h) Work for rational utilization of environmental resource among all nations.
  6. i) Enhance of medical facilities all nations and also make it available to nations deprived of it.
  7. j) Promote basic and technical education.

The Prime Minister and his ministerial team of the world Government will cooperate to implement the rights and duties of the world president.

The Removal of the World President

If the elected members of the world parliament feel that the world president is functioning in a autocratic manner then 1/3 parliament members can bring in a no confidences motion and if 2/3 members ratify the motion then the motion will be considered as passed. Also if majority of nation heads agree then the World President has to resign.

The world is very big. Thousands of years ago people use to travel either on foot or take help of animals like Horse, Elephant to drive carts. There used to be many small and big kingdoms whose rulers were keen on expanding their wealth and prosperity by fighting among themselves. In such wars only those got killed who directly took part in the battles. Natural instinct like anger coupled with the availability of weapons of mass destruction have made it possible for nations to destroy each other or even the complete world. If we can communicate with anyone in any nook and corner of the world within seconds why not we think on a new world order of No Wars between Nations.